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Activate Sport hold a hockey coaching course at Oakham School

As part of my work with Activate Sport, and the Hockey Masterclass, we held a hockey coaching course at Oakham School before the start of term. It is always great going back to your old school and in fact seeing so many kids enjoy the sport that I have been lucky enough to play for so many years.

There is a large number of different ages present on the day and so the kids are seperated into specific groups and the aim is to get round all of the groups throughout the sessions and give the kids some tips that they wont learn at school. There are a number of qualified coaches with the children throughout so I have the luxuary of just skirting round the groups picking out players to advance further or give some thoughts to.

Days like these really are an honour and Activate Sport along with the support of the Co-Operative give these children a platform from which they can build on as a spring board for their Hockey careers. It is as always a honour to be invited along to attend, even if it is for some of the most ‘random’ questions that some of the kids dream up to ask you in the Q&A sessions.

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