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Next Phase of Training

After having a short break from the world of hockey, and had a rejuvenated break back home in Africa, I arrived back to UK ready for the next 10 months build up to 2012. It is exciting that it is so close… but there is still plenty for us to focus on and get done in the next few weeks before we head of toSan Diegofor a test series against theUSA. We are now starting to train at the Olympic Park which will make it a lot more real, will be amazing to get on the pitch so we can picture what we dream of being involved in.

As much as it was lovely to be home there was still training to be getting on with, with individual programmes distributed to the team to make sure that even in the down time we were making strides towards our ultimate goal… a medal at 2012. After having carried a foot injury for most of the 2011 season this was a time where I was able to focus primarily on getting that right so that I could return to training when I arrived back.

Unfortunately, as what sometimes happens these things just seem to take longer to heal that you expect and I have returned without much of a change. So I will be on a strict rehabilitation program for now to make sure that I get it right as soon as possible, in order to return to full training. Injuries are always a major frustration, but you have to make sure you are not doing any further damage, especially when you have so much on the line. You have to remain positive and do everything humanly possible to get yourself back, with the balance of course of not rushing yourself.

So the focus now is to get back to training and I am very much looking forward to getting back into the domestic competition the Investec English Premier League forLeicester. I very much enjoy playing forLeicesteras have enjoyed the successes and a few shortfalls over the last 10 years. Here is to another successful season for all of the Leicestergirls!!

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